Civitas Law


Translating Wales’ leading civil and public law barristers’ chambers digitally



Civitas Law Cardiff is an award-winning, leading civil and public law barristers’ chambers serving clients across Wales and England. Civitas Law is recognised for its set of highly specialist lawyers who offer excellence and innovation in advisory work, drafting, mediation and advocacy.

Its existing online presence was not reflective of who it was and how it operated: it prides itself for accessibility as well as excellence, and is at the heart of the evolution of legal services in Wales. After research and discussion we agreed that the current website was unwieldy and inaccessible and did not work as hard as it could. It did not reflect the personality of Civitas Law.

We delivered a fully responsive CMS website, reflecting the distinctive forward-looking and accessible ethos of Civitas Law. It has met with widespread approval from members of chambers and clients. For NB:Design it is yet another successful project reflecting our strong track record in the legal sector.


What we delivered:
– Brand identity
– Website design
– Copywriting
– Photography

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NB:Design has helped us crystalize our thinking in the re-branding of Civitas Law. They have brought flair and expertise to the table and translated our strategic vision and our unique positioning as the only specialist civil and public law chambers in Wales into a dynamic and responsive website
— Bryan Thomas, Barrister, Mediator & Arbitrator, Civitas Law