Responsive websites are the words on everyone’s lips these days and we have recently been working on numerous projects for clients across a range of sectors, including law, tourism, interior design, butchery and groundworks.

With an interest in language, I couldn’t help looking up a few definitions of ‘responsive’. The first I found was “reacting quickly and positively” (that’s us as an agency) but importantly, how a digital platform needs to function. As the second definition of ‘responsive’ states: “a flexible service that is responsive to changing social patterns” (that’s us too) but seriously, it’s how a website needs to behave in order to maximise an organisation’s ability to get its message ‘out there’.

It is estimated that almost 70% of people now access a website via a tablet or iPhone which necessitates an organisation to be responsive to this statistic. Failing to do so can mean key messages about products and services are probably not getting maximum reach. That can man lost business and an effect on the bottom line.

If we can help your company respond digitally to changing social patterns, we’d be delighted to respond quickly and positively!

Philip Griffiths