Return visit


Weston House is a registered care home for younger adults. As part of Bridgend College it has a long and distinguished history of providing support for learners with disabilities. In line with the college mission, it encourages and enables its residents to be ‘all they can be’.

In 2016 Weston House was deemed excellent in its Estyn inspection and this year, it was a finalist in the TES FE award.

Philip has been commissioned, not just once, but twice, to photograph the unique ethos and personality of Weston House. We turned up as strangers, and left as friends, and it was wonderful to be remembered when we arrived for the return visit.

The images Philip captured are being used on their website and for marketing brochures to showcase this home to all potential stakeholders, including WG.

We’re soon to return yet again to Bridgend College for further commissions to photograph ‘a day in the life’ of all 4 of their campuses and graduation events later in the year.

Philip Griffiths