Integrated marketing


Interesting times. It seems that print is not dead or dying in our digital age. Nor is good old snail-mail and word of mouth an anachronistic means of reaching clients, old and new.

This has been proved recently by printers telling us they are continuing to make considerable investment in kit. Clients too, are telling us they love to receive a focused letter addressed to them personally with an offering that illustrates that the writer has bothered to learn something about their business. They also like to receive our now distinctive marketing cards, to feel something tangible, when so often they are bombarded by email newsletters.

We’ve also been surprised that the adverts we have placed in our local church magazine have had such a great response. It’s been a wake-up call to realise that there is much potential business on our doorstep and that it has taken us 17 years to use this print route to market. New clients from this source include an interior designer, an osteopath, and local tourism businesses for whom we are working on exciting branding and digital projects.

But of course, digital is powerful. Our new website has attracted increased traffic and from those recent opportunistic searches, have come commissions, including the positioning and branding of an Indie record producer.

So I suppose it’s common sense really, and it’s the marketing mix that’s important. We’ll continue to practise what we preach and use all channels to market including: website, print advertising, blogging, social media, print marketing literature, email newsletter, networking events. And do you know, sometimes we’ll pick up the phone and even talk!


Philip Griffiths